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Optimal Performance Pyramid: What Level Are You?

By Tina Michaud and Stephanie Haynes, PSP Ottawa Reconditioning –

You’ve been training regularly for years, always going to the gym, attending various group classes, and therefore you’re pretty confident you know what you are doing. Or perhaps you’re newer to the exercise scene and don’t know where to start. Maybe you would like some guidance on how to improve your execution of specific movements for injury prevention and exercise efficacy. Regardless of which category you fall under, you can benefit from the Solid Foundation group class.

What is the Optimal Performance Pyramid?

The foundation of the pyramid (red) is the essence of movement influenced by mobility and stability. Having great basic movement patterns would allow you to obtain optimal functional development, increase your physical fitness capacities (aerobic, muscle strength and endurance, power, speed, flexibility, agility and coordination (yellow) and surpassing your personal goals and performance (green).  

Just over a year ago, the Fitness and Reconditioning teams took a closer look at the current programming and noticed that many classes with large groups lacked coaching and correcting, and were not easily adaptable for various levels of physical conditioning. There existed a mismatch between the complexity of exercises performed in group classes and the ability of participants to perform quality exercise movements. This was and still is the case for people who require additional coaching and those who are resuming exercise after a long period of inactivity.

If your sole focus is quantity and intensity, you can sometimes lose sight of the most important component: quality.

Solid Foundation is a small group class designed to assist participants in mastering movement, bringing life back to your core, and activating your full functional potential through the foundations of human movement. This class focuses on teaching you how to correctly mobilize your body to increase function, engage your core and joints for stellar stability, and how to fire muscles for proficient movement. If you find yourself struggling in other classes, or would like to refine certain movement patterns such as the squat, deadlift, bird dog, plank progressions, etc. this class will propel your physical knowledge to new heights and help you gain confidence. This will allow you to build a solid movement foundation, leading to better and more defined training techniques whether you train on your own or in other strength and conditioning classes.

Contact us for more information and come join us at the next Solid Foundation class!

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