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Upping the Ante: PSP Ottawa Is Modernizing Its Fitness Facilities with the Latest and Brightest in the Industry

By Laura Stevenson & Dominic Pharand, PSP Ottawa Fitness and Reconditioning –

Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Ottawa is in the process of modernizing the five major fitness facilities in the National Capital Region (NCR) that are staffed with Fitness and Sports Instructors. With the fitness industry continuously evolving and the nature of the NCR having multiple small gyms, the Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) Command Team’s goal is to maximize the use of the space we have to achieve the best health and fitness results possible for our Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members. By allowing CAF members to adopt better physical training practices, not only will we achieve Universality of Service but we will also promote longevity and pain-free living for them.

The modernization consists of creating space, providing more fitness support and services to the CAF community and increasing the overall fitness level of our CAF members. Some examples of these initiatives give PSP staff the opportunity to educate members on moving properly and more efficiently to recreate what we do in our everyday life, such as playing with our children, walking on icy surfaces, moving boxes, etc.

To ensure we shared the same mindset and vision as our stakeholders, we consulted with our Base Physiotherapy Department, Health Services (Ottawa) as well as with strength and conditioning specialists from other bases and fellow industry leaders. We gathered their opinions and feedback on the type of equipment required for members to be operationally ready, as well as those returning to training from injury.

With this modernization, we are gearing our services towards choosing more multi-functional equipment, which enables members to train with one piece of equipment they can perform multiple exercises on. This will in turn create more space and allow for more exercise variations with the same facility footprint. By taking out machines that lack efficiency and adaptability, and in some cases represent a safety concern, we are able to add in flooring such as turf to facilitate training exercises such as speed and power work on a shock-absorbing surface that reduces pressure on the joints and minimizes shock to the ankles, knees and hips.

These are but a few examples of the benefits this initiative will be bringing to the CAF community in the NCR. Look out for upcoming articles that will dive into the perks of taking your functional training to the turf floor, the harsh reality of sitting for prolonged periods of time, and the opportunity to participate in training tailored to your operational needs, as well as set you up for long-lasting success. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact your local PSP Ottawa staff for everything sports and fitness.

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